Application for the NAIC International Fellows Program Fall 2022 Session

Deadline to submit applications for this session is August 1, 2022

Every prospective Fellow must complete the application below, as well as attach an updated curriculum vitae (CV)/resume with a photo.

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1. General Information
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2. Higher Education
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3. English Language Proficiency
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Have you taken any English language proficiency exams or taken courses in English? If so which ones and what were your scores?*

4. Employment History
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4a. Prior Positions Held Within This or Other Organizations
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5. Explain Goals/Objectives in pursuing an NAIC Fellowship

5a. Please rank these areas of interest (1-most relevant, 11-least relevant)
Financial Regulation:
      On-Site Financial Exams*
      Desk Audits/Other*
      Life Insurance & Annuities*
Market Regulation & Consumer Affairs:
      Market Conduct Exams*
      Consumer Complaints*
      Fraud Prevention Activities*
      Insurer Licensing*
      Producer Licensing*
      Market Analysis*

6. Please detail upon which areas you would like to focus and list specific goals and objectives for participating in this program.*

7. Commissioner or Supervisor Endorsement:
  Please check this box to certify that you have your supervisor's permission to participate in the NAIC International Fellows Program.*
Please provide the above mentioned supervisor's name, phone number and e-mail address so that we may verify their permission.*

8. Please provide the name, phone number and e-mail address of the individual(s) we should contact for you in the event of an emergency situation.*

9. Please provide the name of your medical insurance company and your policy number for reference in the event of a medical situation. If you are unable to provide specified information at this time, you will be required to do so via e-mail before entering the program.

By submitting this application electronically, the applicant certifies:

-That their command of English is sufficiently advanced to read technical publications and to carry out and understand conversations on technical matters.

-That they are an employee in good standing of the Insurance Regulatory Organization noted below and plans to continue to work with this organization for at least three years.

-That they will follow the hours as defined by their host jurisdiction's Department of Insurance and comply with all rules and regulations in place.

-That they will actively participate in the program and that they understand failure to do so may lead to their removal from the program.

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