Ace Amer Ins Co
NAIC#: 22667 Home Office: Pennsylvania
Business Type: Property and Casualty
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Consumer Information Source data is voluntarily supplied by state insurance departments and compiled and coded by the NAIC. Not all states provide complaint data to the Consumer Information Source. Please note that this database does not contain a complete record of all complaints filed and should not be used as the sole basis for insurance decisions. For more information about complaints against specific companies, you should contact your state insurance department. A directory is available at

Closed Complaint Counts By State
Displays the total number of closed complaints for the selected company in each state.

Closed Complaint Counts By Code
Displays the total number of closed complaints by type of coverage, reason the complaint was filed, and disposition of the complaint.

Closed Complaint Ratio Report
Displays the ratio of the company's U.S. Market Share of closed complaints compared to the company's U.S. Market Share of premiums for a specific policy type.

Closed Complaint Trend Report
Displays total closed complaint counts by year with the percent change of counts between years.

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Global Receivership Information Database (GRID)
GRID is a voluntary database provided by the state insurance departments to report information on insurer receiverships for consumers, claimants, and guaranty funds.