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This page is scheduled to be removed in June 2019. Please use the new Consumer Information Search (CIS) page at: https://consumers.naic.org.

Finding an insurance company can be a challenge. The NAIC’s Consumer Information Source (CIS) provides information about insurance companies you can use BEFORE purchasing insurance. Using the input fields in the right-hand column of this page, you can access key information about insurance companies, including closed insurance complaints, licensing information and key financial data.

File an Insurance Complaint
Do you have a specific problem with an insurance company, broker, agent or adjuster? File a complaint with your state insurance department.

Find a Lost Life Insurance Policy
Use the Life Insurance Policy Locator Service to help find a lost life insurance policy or annuity.

Do You Suspect Fraud?
Use The Online Fraud Reporting System (OFRS) to report suspected fraudulent activities to your state agency.

Find Enforcement Actions
Search Department of Insurance web sites to find enforcement actions taken against insurance companies.

Find Market Conduct Examination Reports
Search Department of Insurance web sites to find market conduct examination reports for insurance companies.

Download Key Financial Statement Data
Use InsData to access electronic copies of company financial data in PDF format. Choose from a company’s key financials, full annual statement, and/or quarterly statements.

Get More Information
The NAIC and state insurance regulators are committed to helping every American be a smarter insurance consumer. Our award-winning Insure U education program provides tips and special considerations on a variety of insurance issues. Available in English and Spanish, Insure U also provides insurance information specifically for small business owners. Visit www.insureUonline.org to learn more.

Aggregate Consumer Reports last updated 4/30/19
In addition to company-specific information, the NAIC produces reports combining data submitted by state insurance departments. These reports (at right) provide information about common closed complaints by reason and type of insurance, as well as how the complaints were resolved. Most Common Complaints by Reason for Complaint
Most Common Complaints by Type of Insurance
Most Common Complaints by Disposition
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Global Receivership Information Database (GRID)
GRID is a voluntary database provided by the state insurance departments to report information on insurer receiverships for consumers, claimants, and guaranty funds.