Nationwide Ins Co Of Amer
NAIC#: 25453 Home Office: Ohio
Business Type: Property and Casualty
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Below is information supplied by Nationwide Ins Co Of Amer per their most recent annual filing. For more information, please refer to the Help.

State Active Status
Alabama L
Alaska L
American Samoa N
Arizona L
Arkansas L
California L
Colorado L
Connecticut L
Delaware L
District Of Columbia L
Florida L
Georgia L
Guam N
Hawaii N
Idaho L
Illinois L
Indiana L
Iowa L
Kansas L
Kentucky L
Louisiana N
Maine L
Maryland L
Massachusetts L
Michigan L
Minnesota L
Mississippi L
Missouri L
Montana L
Nebraska L
Nevada L
New Hampshire N
New Jersey L
New Mexico L
New York L
North Carolina L
North Dakota L
Northern Mariana Islands N
Ohio L
Oklahoma L
Oregon L
Pennsylvania L
Puerto Rico N
Rhode Island L
South Carolina L
South Dakota L
Tennessee L
Texas L
U.S. Virgin Islands N
Utah L
Vermont L
Virginia L
Washington L
West Virginia L
Wisconsin L
Wyoming L

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Global Receivership Information Database (GRID)
GRID is a voluntary database provided by the state insurance departments to report information on insurer receiverships for consumers, claimants, and guaranty funds.