Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q. What is the pricing for the PDF files?
    A. Annual files are $12.50 each company code for the KEY ANNUAL STATEMENT PAGES and $12.50 each company code for all NON-KEY ANNUAL STATEMENT PAGES; Quarterly files are $3.75 each company code each quarter for the QUARTERLY STATEMENT PAGES.

  2. Q. I wasn't able to download my documents within the 71 hour time period. What do I do now?
    A. In this case you should contact one of our Customer Service Representatives at:

  3. Q. Will I be able to keep a copy of the data on my LAN?
    A. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) grants you, the licensee, a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use this electronic NAIC document according to the terms and conditions stated herein. Neither concurrent use on two or more computers, nor use in a local area network or other network is permitted without separate authorization and the payment of other license fees. Distributing or posting the electronic document in any electronic or printed form is strictly prohibited without written permission of the NAIC.

  4. Q. What does it mean when the color changes on a product link that I clicked on (on the download page)?
    A. In order for you to keep track of which products you've visited, the link will change from a dark color to a lighter color. The link will stay light from that time forward so that anytime you visit that product, you will know that you have looked at it before.

  5. Q. How can I find out which statement will contain the page I am looking for?
    A. The PDF Data Detail link will allow you to search for a particular statement and display a list of pages available within that statement.

  6. Q. Why do I keep receiving an error message when I try to log into InsData?
    A. The most common reason that a person may be unsuccessful at logging into InsData after several attempts is because they need to delete the cache. To delete cache, please do the following:
     •Close out of all browsers
     •Open up a single browser window
     •Go to Tools>Internet Options>Delete
     •Select all boxes and then hit the delete button
    This will erase anything stuck in your computer memory. After everything has been deleted. Open up a browser window, go back to InsData and try again.

  7. Q. I accidently downloaded the same statement twice, can I be refunded?
    A. InsData does not allow for refunds.

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