First 5 for Free

The NAIC offers the first five PDF financial data requests each data year free of charge. To receive the first five PDF financial data requests free of charge for the current processing year, please submit the Data Request form. Requests will be fulfilled via email as soon as possible, but depending on the volume of requests, delivery may take up to eight weeks. Please be advised that forms without a valid email address cannot be processed.

Prohibited commercial use of the data includes, but is not limited to, the submission of multiple requests by an individual user or organization to exploit the "First 5 for Free" annual pricing structure. Modification or removal of copyright notices provided with the data is also prohibited. Prohibited use of the data may result in immediate termination of access to InsData and possibly other legal action.

What constitutes a free request?

Annual and quarterly data for any given processing year may be requested for the same company code at the same time. This constitutes one free request. For example, 2014 annual and 2015 quarterly data for the same company code is considered one request, as this data is all processed in the same calendar year. Make note that annual and quarterly data requested for any given processing year for the same company code in separate requests are counted separately toward the 5 free requests.

Do I need to establish an account to receive my five free requests?

No, an account is not necessary; simply submit the PDF Data Request Form.

What occurs during the processing timeframe?

The processing timeframe involves several steps, including review of your order and account for compliance with the InsData Terms of Use.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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