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Before sending a filing, company staff who draft forms, make rates, or draft rating manuals should use the Product Requirements Locator to get a report showing what regulatory requirements apply to their products. Company staff can use the report to (i) bring their products into compliance or (ii) verify that their products are in compliance. Obtain a report by selecting your criteria from the "Business Type", "Product Name(s)", "Requirement Category(ies)", and "Jurisdiction(s)" menus, then specify the Report Format you want.

Menu Commands: To select multiple noncontiguous "Product Names" or "Requirement Categories", hold down the "Ctrl" key while choosing items with the mouse cursor. To select multiple contiguous items, hold down the mouse button while dragging the cursor down the menu. To go directly to an item starting with a certain letter in the menus, click on the menu and type the item's first letter.

If you have any questions concerning search results, contact the appropriate jurisdiction's regulatory agency directly.
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